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Principal businesses «Association Plus» LLP is running:
— Full package supply of chemical and petrochemical products: Chemicals, additives, reagents applied in drilling operations, gas bottle products: technical gases and gases of high rectification degree, master blends as well as sorbents (see Catalogue of Goods);
— Chemicals supply row includes precursors (Governmental License authorizing transactions with precursors № 45/08 of 13.06.2008);
— Equipment and supplies for laboratories: special furniture, control instrumentation, consumables required in day-to-day jobs (see Catalogue of Goods);
— Delivery of goods including consolidated (module) goods and cargoes with own ISUZU trucks, Japan, capacity 4500 kg. (see Picture);
— Chemical analyses of diesel fuel, transformer oil, mineralized water and sewage water, in laboratory located in Fort-Shevchenko (Certificate № 1 issued 07.11.2008).

«Association Plus» LLP, in the market, has proved to be a reliable partner, a well organized team of professionals, whose products, goods and services are acknowledged to be of high quality meeting the applicable international standards. We are always at your service and ready to deliver most efficient solutions both in routine and extraordinary, specific situations.

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