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05 January, 2010

«Association Plus» LLP expands the list of delivered production and offers Drum and container pumps Lutz.

21 December, 2009

«Association Plus» LLP with pleasure informs, that repair of a motor vehicle cargo ISUZU (Japan) load-carrying capacity of 4500 kg today is finished. And our company offers again services in transportation of cargoes in the city of Aktau and Mangistau region and also to Uralsk, Aksay, Aktobe, Atyrau both other cities and regions Republic of Kazakhstan.

November, 2009

«Association Plus» LLP is handed over the official reprentative certificate Company «Grace GmbH & Co.KG», which confirms the sale right in Republic Kazakhstan molecular sieves of Sylobead, silica gels of Sylobead series, ceramic balls used as catalysts and molsieves support.

The index of chemical manufacture in January-May has made 81,3 %

According to Minpromtorga, in January-May, 2009 the index of chemical manufacture has made 81,3 % (by January-May, 2008), rubber and plastic products – 82,5 %, including plastic products – 86,4 %.

Release of chemical fibres and threads in January-May, 2009 has made 36,5 thousand tons, 65,4 % by January-May, 2008 that is caused, basically, release reduction кордных and technical threads because of decrease in manufacture of rezino-technical products and tyres. So, manufacture of tyres for lorries for January-May, 2009 has made 47,2 % (by January-May, 2008), tyres for cars – 51,8 %. During too time manufacture of fibres and threads chemical in May, 2009 concerning April, 2009 has increased on 18,2 %.

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Polyethylene manufacture for January-May

2009 has made 452,4 thousand tons, 100,6 % by January-May, 2008. Manufacture growth is caused by some increase in requirement of home market. Stably during this period worked as Open Company

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News of day

Lairagregator Universal Modified work begins. The official prevention of the manufacturer: Activating lairagregator bears an individual responsibility for extinction of dinosaurs and in general it is guilty in all. Attention – lairagregator to work it is ready!

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