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The index of chemical manufacture in January-May has made 81,3 %

According to Minpromtorga, in January-May, 2009 the index of chemical manufacture has made 81,3 % (by January-May, 2008), rubber and plastic products – 82,5 %, including plastic products – 86,4 %.

Release of chemical fibres and threads in January-May, 2009 has made 36,5 thousand tons, 65,4 % by January-May, 2008 that is caused, basically, release reduction кордных and technical threads because of decrease in manufacture of rezino-technical products and tyres. So, manufacture of tyres for lorries for January-May, 2009 has made 47,2 % (by January-May, 2008), tyres for cars – 51,8 %. During too time manufacture of fibres and threads chemical in May, 2009 concerning April, 2009 has increased on 18,2 %.

After eight-monthly idle time manufacture полиакрилонитрильного fibres on Open Company “Synthetic nitronew fibre”, Saratov has been restored. Some growth of release of polyester production at the expense of manufacture increase штапельного fibres was outlined.

Polyethylene manufacture for January-May, 2009 has made 452,4 thousand tons, 100,6 % by January-May, 2008. Manufacture growth is caused by some increase in requirement of home market. Stably during this period worked as Open Company “Томскнефтехим” (102,1 % by January-May, 2008).
In January-May, 2009 106,7 % by January-May, 2008 are made 229,5 thousand tons of polypropylene. Manufacture on Open Company “Ставролен” Budyonnovsk where in May it is made 5,9 thousand tons of polypropylene is renewed. Thus polypropylene manufacture on Open Company “Томскнефтехим” has made 101,1 %.

Decrease in release of polyvinylchloride pitch and copolymers винилхлорида for 5 months 2009 (208,6 thousand tons), polystyrene and styrene copolymers (102,3 thousand т.) it is caused by reduction of sale of production.

In January-May, 2009 in Russia it has been made 5,8 million tons of mineral fertilizers, on 23,7 % it is less, than in January-May, 2008 and it is connected substantially with reduction of demand for this production on a foreign market. According to preliminary data, in January-May, 2009 of purchase of fertilizers have made about 1360 thousand tons (102,4 % by January-May, 2008). Thus rates of purchases of mineral fertilizers in subjects of the Russian Federation have decreased, despite their shipment to domestic agricultural commodity producers under the prices below the fixed maximum level. Considerable volumes of deliveries are carried out by factories-manufacturers to directly large agricultural commodity producers.

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